Trinity Lake: Camping

Camping at Trinity Lake means treating your family to a quiet and often secluded getaway. Sites are simple and clean, and less busy in comparison to Shasta. Multiple campgrounds are spread out around the lake's 145 miles of shoreline.

Trinity Lake CampingTo find a specific campground based on your needs, please visit our Campground Finder.

For information on what to do if you encounter a bear while camping, please click here.


  • Single Site Camping — $8-$20/night
  • Multi Site Camping — $30/night
  • Electric Hookups — $24-$45/night
  • Group Sites — $80-$120/night
  • Extra Vehicle Fee — $6/day
  • Day Use at Stoney Swim — $7/day
  • RV Dump Station at Ackerman — $8